Consumer Guide

Welcome to Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (FKEC), a member-owned, not-for-profit electric utility serving approximately 33,000 accounts in the Upper and Middle Keys — from the Monroe-Dade County line to the Seven Mile Bridge. By establishing electric service with FKEC, you have become a member-owner of your hometown Cooperative.

At FKEC we work year-round to maintain 99% reliability and are proud to be a progressive employer and influential community partner that sets the benchmark in providing high-quality, environmentally sensitive, and safe electrical power.

Billing Information

Payment Options

Sample FKEC bill with numerical annotations

  1. Bill Mailed is the date from which you have 20 days to pay your bill. Bills paid more than 20 days after the ‘Bill Mailed’ date are considered delinquent and subject to late fees and disconnection.
  2. Phone Number(s), make sure both numbers are current.
  3. Daily System Access Charge is a “service availability charge” to cover costs involved in having power available to each active meter.
  4. Energy Charge of $0.033 per kilowatt hour helps FKEC cover the expenses involved in delivering energy to each account. The first 1,000 kWh of electricity usage each month is not subject to an energy charge.
  5. Power Cost is the cost of power purchased from FPL, our primary supplier of electricity. It is passed directly to members with no mark-up or add-on, and varies monthly.
  6. Equity Charge is a formula rate rider that is adjusted annually, either positive or negative, to help FKEC attain the optimum margins needed to properly maintain the system to provide safe reliable power.
  7. Outdoor Lighting Charge is the cost if you ordered an outdoor light.
  8. Outdoor Lighting Sales Tax is
    Florida state sales tax for outdoor light rental.
  9. Gross Receipt Tax is a 2.563% tax assessed to every bill from the state of Florida.
  10. Operation Round-Up® is a voluntary program that “rounds up” your electric bill to the next whole dollar, and gives100% of all funds raised to those in need.
  11. Total Due/Delinquent Date
    Members not enrolled in our automatic payment program will see a delinquent date printed under the total due.

The more you know about the power you use, the more you can save by using it wisely.  To track your electricity usage accurately, compare your own bills in the same month, but for different years. Consider any FKEC rate adjustments, additional services you have added, and climate or living habits. And remember, comparing your electric bill to a friend’s or neighbor’s is like comparing apples to oranges because families don’t have the same habits, appliances, or billing cycles.

To easily monitor your home or business’s power usage log in to your online FKEC SmartHub account at By visiting the “My Usage” section of the website, you can analyze and understand usage trends to find ways to cut back. 

Once you have an FKEC SmartHub account, any co-op member can create and track a monthly budget to avoid unexpected high utility bills. You can also set a point or range in time to compare differences in usage, and compare your use and costs.

SmartHub is available online and via the mobile app at the App Store or Google Play.

FKEC installs meters that are read electronically – in most cases, eliminating the need for FKEC personnel to enter a member’s property – However, Co-op crews may require access to the meter from time to time.

By requesting service from FKEC, you are granting 24-hour access to your meter for meter reading, maintenance, vegetation management and emergencies. It is the member’s responsibility to see there are no obstacles, debris or pets preventing FKEC personnel safe access to the meter.

Remember, FKEC is responsible for the maintenance of the meter, but it is the member who is responsible for maintenance of the service from the meter socket, through the weatherhead, including all associated vegetation management. The Cooperative appreciates your cooperation in maintaining your equipment and providing FKEC safe access to your meter.

For more information about your meter or how to read the device visit Billing Information & Fees.

electrical meter

Meter Tampering is Illegal!

Tampering with metering or electrical equipment is illegal, dangerous and costly to all FKEC members! If you suspect someone is tampering with a FKEC meter or other electrical equipment, please call 305-852-2431 or email Reports are confidential.

Maintenance Responsibilities

Detailed illustration. What's yours / what's ours. Yours: Weatherhead, Drip Loop, Service Bracket, Service Riser (Conduit), Meter Can (Meter Socket). Ours: Service Wire, Connection Point, Meter. Other: Telephone, Internet, or Cable Wires.

There are several pieces of equipment that work together to bring power into your home or business. The Co-op is responsible for servicing and maintaining all facilities up to the point of delivery, which is normally the weatherhead. Any damage to these lines or equipment up to the point of delivery, including the meter, will be corrected as quickly as possible by FKEC personnel and at the Cooperative’s expense.

All wiring and equipment after the point of delivery belongs to the member-consumer and maintenance is your responsibility. This includes the meter can, service riser (conduit), attachment hardware, weatherhead and all associated vegetation management. Members should contact an independent electrician to make any necessary repairs or improvement.

If you inadvertently damage or notice that damage has occurred to FKEC electric facilities, it is the member’s responsibility to give prompt notice to FKEC. Call 305-852-2431 or 800-858-8845 if you see a power line down or other damaged equipment.

Reporting Power Outages

Call 305-852-2431 • 800-858-8845

If the outage is causing a life-threatening situation, such as a downed power line, dial 911.

Trees growing under or near power lines are the most common cause of power outages. To ensure reliable and safe power FKEC implements a comprehensive vegetation management program.

To help prevent outages caused by trees, FKEC trims vegetation around approximately 200 miles of power lines a year on a three-year cycle. The Co-op is required by law to maintain certain clearances and varies the amount of pruning by tree and location within the requirements. FKEC’s specially trained Tree Crews also use natural tree trimming techniques and arborist cuts to maintain the tree’s health and encourage growth away from lines.

How You Can Help

You can help minimize potential power outages by notifying FKEC of any trees or branches that pose a threat to electric lines near your home or business. If you see trees that could damage lines in high winds, please call 305-852-2431 or 800-858-8845 to schedule a tree trimming appointment or submit tree trimming request online.

Remember, NEVER attempt to trim or prune any vegetation near power lines. If you see a tree causing sparking or hazardous conditions call FKEC or, in an emergency, call 911.

Before you plant vegetation under or around power lines or equipment consult FKEC’s FREE Proper Planting Guide. Guides are available at an FKEC office or online.

Track Power Outages

FKEC members can access the Co-op’s Live Power Outage Viewer via a computer or mobile device. The live tracking site allows you to see the location and status of any outages in our service territory.

The website indicates the number of people affected, and also notes if an outage is predicted or verified and when crews were dispatched.

FKEC members who have a mobile phone equipped for sending/receiving text messages and have that phone number registered on their FKEC account can utilize Outage Texting.

Before an outage occurs, confirm your mobile number is registered with FKEC to participate in the Co-op’s Outage Texting program. You can do so by texting “REGISTER” to 45183 or call FKEC at (305) 852-2431, Mon. through Fri. between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. It may take up to 24 hours for the phone number to be updated/recognized.

Texting When an Outage Occurs

  • FKEC notifies you: When an outage occurs FKEC’s outage management system will automatically send a text to inform the affected members that FKEC is aware of the outage and restoration is in progress at the account location associated with the register mobile number. This prevents members from even having to report the outage.
  • You notify FKEC: FKEC members can also report an outage via text. If your power goes out, and you do not receive a text alert from FKEC, you can report the outage by texting “OUTAGE” to 45183. This text automatically tells FKEC that power is out at the account location associated with your registered phone number. Members will then receive a text confirming the report has been received.

In both cases, members will receive a follow up text when power is restored.

If you have difficulties with Outage Texting, call (305) 852-2431 or (800) 858-8845 to report an outage. A member can cancel text communication with FKEC by texting “STOP” to 45183.

Are Your Phone Numbers Current?

Before an outage occurs, verify FKEC has all of your current phone numbers, including cell phone numbers. Doing so expedites outage reporting, response, and restoration.

You can update your contact information at Update Account Contact Information form or via SmartHub.

FKEC Solar Loan Program

To help you, Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Members, have financial access to solar power generation, FKEC offers a Solar Loan program. Experience a streamlined application process, along with the convenience of having your loan payment payable with your monthly electric bill.

Approved members may receive a loan, less any available qualified rebates, up to $35,000 for the purchase and installation of a grid-tied Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system. This includes distributed renewable solar photovoltaic systems and grid-tied battery storage systems – All of which must be installed by a qualified solar installer.

The program is offered to both our residential and commercial members, and repayment of the competitively priced loan is 10 years or less with no penalty if paid off early.

Qualifying for the FKEC Solar Loan is based solely on the applicants credit history with FKEC. Residential consumers must have a minimum of a 12-month “clean” billing history with FKEC, and commercial members must have a minimum of 24-months.

Net Metering
(Solar Interconnectivity)

FKEC offers net metering to make it easy for solar homes and businesses to draw power from the local power grid while also producing solar energy. The program also allows FKEC to incorporate more solar power into its system by buying back the surplus generated by the solar homes.

Net Meter members receive exactly the cost of each per-kilowatt-hour charge listed on their net meter billing statements as a credit for all excess power generated by their PV systems.

Homeowners considering the installation of home solar arrays should first take all possible measures to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Successful solar homeowners who are able to generate enough electricity to meet their needs (or achieve a surplus) are the ones that have first invested in reducing their overall energy consumption.

FKEC Solar Power

FKEC installed the first grid-connected solar array in the Florida Keys at our Marathon facility in 2008. The co-op also operates a second smaller array at our Crawl Key substation.

The Marathon array consists of 552 separate 175-watt solar modules tied directly into FKEC’s electric grid. The Crawl Key array adds an additional 120 panels. The expected output of both arrays prior to installation was estimated at 127,000-kilowatt hours per year, or enough to power about 14 average homes.

Other Cooperative Environmentally-Friendly Efforts

  • Biodiesel Fleet. FKEC was the first fleet operator in the Florida Keys to switch to biodiesel fuel. FKEC also uses synthetic oil in all vehicles. 
  • Green Facilities. FKEC uses Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design guidelines wherever possible when building new facilities. 
  • Tree Health. When maintaining line clearance, FKEC uses pruning techniques and arborist cuts to protect a tree’s health and encourage growth away from lines.
  • Energy-Saving Tree Giveaway. FKEC partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to hold a native tree event.
  • Seeds for Students Program. Each year the co-op celebrates Florida Arbor Day with local fourth grade students.

FKEC’s Storm Center

In-Home Life Support

People dependent on electric-powered life-sustaining medical equipment are responsible for their own emergency plan for backup power or should plan to relocate when a storm warning is issued.

Special Needs Registry

FKEC members should be aware of the Monroe County Special Needs Registry designed to assist county residents who need transportation or sheltering help due to a declared emergency. Learn more at or call (305) 292-4591. Note, this service is offered through Monroe County Emergency Management and is independent of FKEC.

FKEC Products, Services, and Resources

FKEC is committed to providing programs, services, and resources that address member needs and maintain progressive customer service.

Safety Outreach

FKEC performs informative electrical presentations and safety demonstrations for students and organizations in our community. To learn more call

Residential Rebates

Members can obtain rebates (up to $500 maximum per member per calendar year) for completing qualifying, energy-efficient upgrades and improvements at their homes.

Capital Credits

One difference between Florida Keys Electric Cooperative and an investor-owned utility is that you, the members, own FKEC. As a member-owner, you invest in your electric utility monthly by paying your electric bill. FKEC then issues its members a return on this investment in the form of Capital Credits.

This “return” is the revenue FKEC earns in excess of its expenses (called margins). These Capital Credits reflect your ownership in FKEC but are not immediately returned to you. The reason for the lag time in receiving returns is that FKEC, like most cooperatives, uses your investment in lieu of borrowing funds from a lender to improve and maintain the electrical system and keep costs low.

After reviewing the Cooperative’s finances each year, the Board of Directors determines whether a portion of Capital Credits can be returned that year. Distributions may be paid either by check or as a credit applied to a member’s bill.

Democratic Control

Another benefit of your Co-op membership is democratic control or equal say. Unlike corporations, your voting rights are not limited by the amount of shares you own. With a cooperative it doesn’t matter how many kilowatt-hours of electricity you buy or how many accounts you have in your name – you have one membership and one vote.

Your Board of Directors

An important use of your vote is to elect representatives to the FKEC Board of Directors. These directors represent your best interests and are tasked with keeping the Co-op focused on improving the quality of the power delivered to you and your community. Our directors make important decisions and take their positions very seriously.

FKEC’s board is composed of nine Upper and Middle Keys residents representing four districts: Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada and Marathon. The directors serve three-year terms and must reside in the districts they represent. The board meets every month. Meeting dates and times, as well as meeting minutes, agendas and director profiles are available online.

FKEC Bylaws

As a cooperative being an influential community partner and working toward the sustainable development of our community is a value FKEC embraces.

One way FKEC gives back to our community is through a Charitable Trust. The Trust is a volunteer board that oversees the millions of dollars you, our members, give through Operation Round-Up®.

Members participating in Operation Round-Up® agree to have their bills “rounded up” to the nearest dollar. The FKEC Members Charitable Trust Board then allocates 100% of the funds to local individuals or families with special needs or requests in the Middle and Upper Keys communities.

FKEC provides timely information in the monthly Florida Currents magazine, news releases, via our website, on Facebook, and also through quarterly news emails. We strive to share company news, as well as tips, and information to help you use electricity wisely. To stay informed make sure FKEC has all your current contact information.