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Florida Currents is one of FKEC’s primary tools to communicate important information with our member-owners. The publication is sent monthly to all account holders at no cost.

In addition to providing up-to-date news about FKEC, Florida Currents is filled with engaging articles on Florida history, outdoor activities, travel, food, dining, recipes, scenic beauty, state parks, upcoming festivals/events, and more.

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To be included in the Florida Current Planner, a calendar shared with cooperative members across the state, email info@floridacurrents.com. Include the date, town, times and a way for readers to register or get more information. Please submit the item at least 60 days before the event (due to press deadline). If you own rights to a print-quality photo promoting your event—perhaps from a past year—please include it along with photo credit information.

You can also view FKEC-specific pages in the archives below:
  • November 2021
    Capital Credits; FKEC Returns $2.5M to Members; Protect Crews on the Water; Meet Your Consumer Accounting Team; Setchell Retires; Tiedemann Earns Promotion; Online Amenities.
  • October 2021
    Cooperation Among Cooperatives; Save Energy and Earn Rebates; Taking Care of our Trees; Claude Retires; Employee Anniversaries; Why Pay Your Bill Online
  • September 2021
    Powering Pigeon Key; Playing a Part in History; Research Reaps Rewards: Solar Powered Home; Team Amp’d Up BBQ; Medical Essential and Special Needs Registry; Take Stock Challenge; Move Over Law
  • August 2021
    FKEC Completes Marathon Expansion and Dedicates Operations Annex; Is Your Contact Information Current; FKEC Ready to Weather Any Storm; Jorgensen Retires; Maintaining Reliable Service… Together
  • July 2021
    Pay Your Bill Online; Using the Right Tools, Technology, and Skills; Aerial Inspection; Hurricane Info: Prevent, Prepare, Protect; Portable Generator Proper Use and Safety; Before the Power Goes Out
  • June 2021
    Keep Our Crews Safe; Celebrating Commitment; 20-Year Anniversaries; Career Advancements; Employee Promotions; Outdoor Lighting; Tips To Staying Cool This Summer
  • May 2021
    Photo Contest Winners; Connecting With Our Members; Designing Programs for You; Standby Generator Loan; Meet the Tech Team; Contact Information is Important; Special Needs Registry
  • April 2021 Annual Report:
    Getting the Job Done; Progress Despite the Pandemic; Facing the Unexpected; Connecting at a Distance; Rising to the Challenge; Behind the Masks; Providing Quality Service; FKEC 2020 Financial Report
  • March 2021
    • Democratic Control; Incumbents Reelected to Board; Meet the Fleet; Employee Milestones; FKEC Photo Contest
  • February 2021
    • Move Over Law; SmartHub Online Bill Pay; CEO Report: Power of Prevent; A Blink Isn’t Always Bad; Save Money and Energy; Rebates; Craig Rabito 40-Year Anniversary; Dan Raber 35 Year Anniversary; Get ‘er Done
  • January 2021
    • Taking Care of Business; 2021 Projects; Standby Generator Loan Program; County Special Needs Registry; Communicator of the Year Award: Nikki Dunn Cullen
  • December 2020
    • Energy-Saving Native Tree Giveaway; CEO Report: Happy Holidays and Thank You; FKEC Board: Giving Thanks; Charitable Trust Gives $150,000 to Members
  • November 2020
    • High Wire, On the Job Training; FEMA Grant; Storm Hardening; Tracking the Weather; Bill Pay Options; Scam Warning; Residential Rebates
  • October
    • Up, Up and Away: Aerial Linemen Work; Unclaimed Capital Credits; CEO Report: the power of Quality Service; FKEC Members Earn $170k in Rebates; Baxter Celebrates 35 Years; Move Over Law; Online Conveniences
  • September
    • Unclaimed Capital Credits; Adjusting To the New Normal … Again; Bill Pay Assistance; Construction Projects Resume; Medical Essentials Program; Special Needs Registry; Employee Anniversaries; Promotions; Rebate Program; Shared Responsibilities: What’s Our/What’s Yours
  • August
    • Celebrating Employee Commitment; Lee Achieves 40 Years and Promotion; Celebrating 30+ Years; Parker Retires; Sanders Promoted; Outdoor Lighting Notice
  • July
    • Community Celebrates High School Graduates; Prepare Now to Weather any Storm; Storm Safety Tips; Employee Milestones; Offset Summer Cooling Costs; What 72 Hours Could Mean to You; Storm Restoration Amid COVID-19
  • June
    • The Power of Positivity and Fluidity; The Smiles Behind the Masks; Neighbors Helping Neighbors; FKEC Returns $2.5 Million to Members
  • April Annual Report: Steady as She Goes
    • FKEC Sets New Reliability Record, 99.995%; Marathon Facility Expansion; 98% Member Satisfaction; Board of Directors; All Hands on Deck; 2019 Financial Report
  •  March
    • Celebrating 80 years; Employee Commitment = Strength; Employee News; Sombrero Beach Run; Photo Contest
  • February
    • Wounded Warrior Ride; Operation Round-Up® Raises Over $3.2 Million; Making Your Pennies Count; Knowledge is Power; Efficiency Tips; Valles Celebrates 35 Years;
  •  January
    • Maintaining a Strong Backbone; Starting 2020 Off Right!; Every Pole Plays a Critical Role; Construction Begins at Marathon Facility; Use Balloons Responsibly; Special Needs Registry; Energy saving tips
  • December
    • Project Highlights: Accomplishments and Future Plans; FKEC Returns Over $2.3 Million to Members; Employee News; Lyons Earns Promotion;
  •  November
    • Capturing and Storing Solar Power; Economic Participation; FKEC Returns $2.3 Million; Employees Earn CPR Certification; 38th Annual Key Largo Cook Of f
  •  October
    • Adapting Plans to Fit the Situation; Road Closed? No Problem!; Working Together, FKEC and FKAA;Linemen Reach Out and Touch 138,000 Volts
  • September
    • Improving our Marathon Office; Preventing Outages Caused by Trees; Garcia Celebrates 35 Years; Take Stock In Children Fundraiser; Move Over Law
  •  August
    • By Land, Sea or Air—FKEC Gets the Job Done!; Repairs Along Long Key Bridge; Bill Pay Options; Scam Warning; Offset Summer Cooling Costs; Cooperative Talks Safety; Your Current Contact Info; Stuff the Bus
  • July
    • Hurricane Prep: What Can You Accomplish in 72 Hours?; Prepare Now to Weather Any Storm; Post Storm Restoration; Stay Away from All Downed Power Lines; Generator Proper Use; Maintaining Reliable Service… Together; What’s Yours/What’s Our
  • June
    • FKEC Offer Energy-Saving Tree Program; Employee Teamwork = Success; Cultivating the Next Generation; Welcome Gonzalez-Novoa and Holley; Eight Ways to INCREASE Your Electric Bill
  • May
    • Annual Meeting Recap; Board Elects New Officers; FKEC Outdoor Lighting Q&A; Food Drive
  • April
    • 2018 Annual Report: Embracing Technology
  • March
    • Seeds & Safety with Students; FKEC Board Proposes New Ways to Vote; Members Re-elect Directors; Navarrete and Dudley Earn Promotions; Welcome Roberge; Parker Celebrates 35-Years; Special Needs Registry
  • February
    • FKEC Salutes Wounded Warriors; FKEC Expands Rebate Program; Understand Your Energy Use; FKEC Services Help Members Go Solar; Massey Retires; Photo Contest
  • January
    • Economic Participation in Action; Capital Credit Returns; Restoring Power in the Panhandle; Employee Anniversaries; Energy Awareness Month
  • December (PDF)
    • Economic Participation in Action; Capital Credit Returns; Restoring Power in the Panhandle; Employee Anniversaries; Energy Awareness Month
  • November (PDF)
    • Capital Credits: Your Piece of the Pie; Making a Lineworker (Apprentice); Employees Donate to Take Stock in Children; FKEC Crews Head Toward Hurricane Michael
  • October (PDF)
    • Reflecting on Storm Recovery;  Hurricane Irma, A Year Later; Employee Anniversaries: Pierce, Sheffield, Amendola; Heading Toward Hurricane Florence
  • September (PDF)
    • The Journey to Being Green; Incorporating Solar Power into Our System; Harnessing the Power of the Sun; FKEC Solar Loan Program; Solar Net Metering; Working with Environmental Sensitivity; Scam Warning
  • August (PDF)
    • Long-Term Storm Repairs Continue; Co-op Replaces Equipment Damaged by Irma; How High Temps Impact Cooling Cost; Tips to Staying Cool; FKEC Outdoor Lighting Q&A; Turn Lights Off to Protect Turtle Nesting; Stuff the Bus
  • July (PDF)
    • Preventing & Responding; Before and During a Power Outage; This Hurricane Season Prevent, Prepare, Protect; Anthony and Arrabal Celebrate 15 Years; Want More News?; Karl Wagner Elected Board Vice President
  • June (PDF)
    • FKEC 2018 Annual Meeting Recap; Co-op Gives Away 400 Native Trees; Heller and Anthony Celebrate Anniversaries; School Career Day; Switlik Students Say Thank You
  • May (PDF)
    • The FKEC Cooperative Difference; FKEC Board of Directors; Joe Roth Elected to Cooperative Board; Preventative Maintenance Ensures Reliability; Working with Environmental Sensitivity; 10-Year Milestones; Good Luck FKEC Yankees!; Switlik Career Day
  • April (PDF)
    • FKEC 2017 Annual Report: Surviving the Big One; Long-Term Planning Pays Off ; Preparation & Restoration Timeline; Turning Plans into Actions; Working From Dawn to Dusk; Building a Storm-Resistant Power System; We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You; Outside Restoration Workforce; People Behind the Power; Thank You Co-op Members ; FKEC 2017 Financials
  • March (PDF)
    • Representing Your Values and Interests; FKEC Attends Annual Legislative Cookout; Sharing Seeds and Safety with Students; Local Bank Thanks FKEC; Marathon Chamber Honors Patterson; Members Can Earn Up to $500 in Rebates
  • February (PDF)
    • Convenience and Security; Payment Options; Member Finances Through FKEC Solar Loan; Don’t Let Airborne Toys Ruin Your Party; Sombrero Beach Run
  • January (PDF)
    • A Key Co-op Principle; Open for Business; Capital Credits: FKEC Retires $1.75 Million; Your Contact Info is Important
  • December (PDF)
    • FKEC Pays Out Capital Credits from 1999; FKEC Congratulates Sawyer on 30-Year Anniversary; Massey Celebrates 25-Year Milestone; Islamorada Chamber Honors Newberry; Co-op Named Most Community Minded; FKEC Solar Loan
  • November (PDF)
    • Giving Thanks & Appreciation; To Our Members: Thank You for the Gratitude; Your FKEC Team: The People Behind the Power; We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You; Irma photo collages; Plant Smart to Prevent Power Outages
  • October (PDF)
    • Hurricane Irma: Surviving the “Big One”; From Dawn to Dusk: Repair, Restore, Repeat; All Hands on Deck; Responsiblities: What’s Yours/What’s Ours
  • September (PDF)
    • Cover Contest Photo Winners; FKEC Sets New Peak; Energy Guzzlers Efficiency; FKEC Services Make Solar Power Possible; Solar Loan Program; Three Co-op Employees Earn Promotions
  • August (PDF)
    • Democratic Member Control; Board Welcomes Director Joe Roth; Hurricane Season Prep; Top 10 Storm Safety Tips; Storm Resources; What to do Before & During a Power Outage; Prevent Outages Caused by Trees; Anthony and Piekarski Earn Staff Positions; Your Contact Info is Important
  • July (PDF)
    • FKEC Solar Loans: Payable with your Electric Bill; Ivan Mixon Retires; Shawn Mulholland Retires; Jones Promoted to Member Service Supervisor; Ornelas Promoted to Member Service; Switlik Students Visit FKEC; FKEC Outdoor Lighting Q&A; Fight Back Against Rising Temperatures
  • June (PDF)
    • FKEC Offers Energy-Saving Tree Program; 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights; Live Safety Demo; Hawkins Retires from Board; Employee News; Does FKEC Have Your Current Phone Number?
  • May (PDF)
    • Cooperation Among Cooperatives; Annual Legislative Cookout; Employment Anniversaries; Ray Rhash & Mike Roberts Celebrate 30 Years; FKEC Welcomes Sherri Thompson
  • April (PDF)
    • FKEC 2016 Annual Report: Providing Safe, Reliable and Competitively Priced Power; FKEC Achieves Highest Reliability to Date; Rates Competitive; Culture of Safety; Hitting the Mark on Quality Power; Offering “Green” Initiatives; Quality Customer Service; Outage Response; Strong Community Partnership; 2016 Annual Financial Report
  • March (PDF)
    • Celebrating Florida’s Arbor Day; Tools and Resources to Save Energy; Rebates; Incumbents Re-elected to Board; SCAM WARNING; Sombrero Beach Run, March 4
  • February (PDF)
    • Your Hometown Cooperative; Committed to Community; Help Keep our Roads and Workers Safe; Maintaining Reliable Service… Together, Mixon on his 30-Year Anniversary; Community Events
  • January (PDF)
    • Serving you in 2017… The Work Force Behind FKEC’s Quality Service; Consumer Conveniences
      2016 Capital Credits; Co-op Community: Sharing in the Holiday Spirit; Florida’s Arbor Day