Procedures for Solar Contractors

When installing solar in the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (FKEC) service area, which runs from Ocean Reef to the Seven Mile Bridge, please follow the following steps below to ensure final approval from FKEC for interconnection to our grid.

Failure to follow any of the procedures will delay interconnection and potentially cause FKEC to be unable to approve setting a bi-directional meter until you are in full compliance with the procedures outlined below.

Step 1

For inverter-based systems, the AC gross power rating can be calculated by multiplying the total installed DC nameplate rating by .85 to account for the losses in converting from DC to AC.

Please note: Systems should not be sized so large that the energy produced by the array exceeds 120% of the member’s maximum kWh consumption.

  • Email both documents to
    or include a copy of the documents when submitting the plans to FKEC (see Step Two).

Step 2

  • Submit the plans for the solar installation to an FKEC area office for review
    • Upper Keys: 91630 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier
    • Middle Keys: 3421 Overseas Hwy, Marathon

An FKEC engineer will advise of any additional requirements, stamp the plans for approval, and return them to you in a timely manner.

Step 3

  • Take the stamped plans to the appropriate municipality or to Monroe County to be reviewed for permitting
  • Install the system

Step 4

  • Owner Acknowledgment
    The property owner must now sign Section E of the Net Metering Application and Compliance form.
  • Contact the Electrical Inspector to schedule an inspection of the installation
    Once approved, have him or her complete and sign Section F then submit the now completed form and the Inspection Report to

Step 5

  • FKEC Inspection and Installation of the Bi-directional Meter
    Upon receipt of the now complete Net Metering Application and Compliance form and Inspection Report, we will schedule an inspection to verify the system satisfies FKEC’s interconnection requirements. Once it has been approved we will proceed with the installation of the bi-directional meter.