Outdoor Lighting Service

Request New Outdoor Lighting

For year-round outdoor lighting of yards, driveways, walkways, roads and other areas FKEC offers two LED outdoor lighting options to our members. The lights are electrically connected so that the power for operation of the light does not pass through the member’s electric meter. Instead, the monthly charge is based on the calculated kilowatt hour (kWh) used per lamp depending on its size. Each light contains a photocell that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Uses less energy and provides better light quality
  • A very long life, which improves reliability and reduces operating costs
  • Provides lighting on the ground with zero upward light pollution
  • Produces a more desirable white color

New outdoor lights are installed on existing FKEC distribution facilities only (no meter poles) however, the presence of a pole does not guarantee it is capable of a light installation. Our Engineering personnel will make the determination.

For more information on obtaining a new outdoor lighting fixture, please call (305) 852-2431.

Existing Outdoor Lighting

FKEC members who would like to take over the billing responsibility of an existing outdoor lighting fixture may download the FKEC Outdoor Lighting Agreement (PDF). Any existing High Pressure Sodium lights will be replaced with LED lights as repairs are needed.

Monthly Service Rates


  • Small – $13.00+ 13 kWh (approx. 35 watts or 3,300 lumens)
  • Large – $15.00+ 20 kWh (approx. 55 watts or 4,800 lumens)
  • Pole – $8.00*

Billing Deposit:

  • Small – $26.00
  • Large – $30.00
  • Pole – $16.00

High Pressure Sodium (existing lights only)

  • Small – $11.00+ 42 kWH (approx. 100 watts or 9,500 lumens)*
  • Large – $12.00+ 62 kWh (approx. 150 watts or 16,000 lumens)*
  • Pole – $8.00/month*

Billing Deposit:

  • Small – $22.00
  • Large – $24.00
  • Pole – $16.00

*No longer available for new installations

Problem with an Outdoor Light?

If you are aware of an inoperative or malfunctioning outdoor light operated by FKEC, please submit an online request, call (305) 852-2431 or visit an FKEC office to report it.  When reporting the problem, please have the following information available:

  • The specific street address where the light is located.
  • A description of where the light is located on the property.
  • A description of the problem.
  • Your contact information including name, address and telephone number.

Printed in compliance with Florida Statute 768.1382.

FKEC will repair or replace any malfunctioning light. However, it is the sole responsibility of the member to notify the co-op when repairs are needed. Following these procedures will help ensure the proper response for your request. We certainly appreciate your help in this matter.

Note: The Cooperative will not install equipment at any location where services may be objectionable to others. If it is found after installation that the light is objectionable the Cooperative reserves the right to remove terminate service.