Cooperatives & Unclaimed Capital Credits

Rows of gold coinsAs a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, FKEC calculates our annual margins by taking the total revenue and subtracting all operating costs. The resulting margins are then allocated to each member based on their patronage, which is the amount of electricity he or she purchased during that year in proportion to the total amount purchased by all members. Once these margins are allocated they are called Member Capital Credits.

Like other electric co-ops, FKEC retains its Member Capital Credits for a number of years to invest in improvements and maintain the electric system. This also helps to offset the amount of money the co-op borrows, which lowers the rates on your electric bill.

Based on cumulative returns, FKEC ranks first among Florida’s 16 electric cooperatives and is in the top 10% among the nation’s 900+ electric cooperatives.

If you move out of FKEC’s service territory or are no longer an active member, it is your responsibility to keep FKEC informed of your current mailing address. This enables us to properly forward your payment to you when Member Capital Credits are refunded for the year or years of your membership.

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Please wait several seconds for the unclaimed capital credits list to load below. To search the list, you can type a name into the search field (right corner of the list) or scroll by page. If your name appears on the list, please call (305) 852-2431 to claim your Capital Credit Refund. Funds must be claimed within sixty days of August 28, 2023.