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2024 Annual Meeting:
Reporting on FKEC’s Work in 2023

Watch Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Board President Karl Wagner preside over the 2024 Annual Meeting, held on April 13, 2024. Meet the FKEC Board of Directors and Charitable Trust Volunteers and hear brief reports from Secretary Gretchen Holland and Treasurer Cale Smith. In his comprehensive and dynamic report, CEO Scott Newberry celebrates the employees behind FKEC’s success, walking the audience through the utility’s many departments. Thank you for watching!


  • Secretary Gretchen Holland’s Report (1:20:00)
  • Introduction of the Board of Directors (02:40:00)
  • Recognizing the Charitable Trust (06:20:00)
  • Treasurer Cale Smith’s Report (09:00:00)
  • CEO Scott Newberry’s Report (starts at 12:33:00)

2023 Annual Meeting — Video not available.

2022 Annual Meeting:
Recapping Our Work in 2021 and Before

At the 2022 Annual Meeting held in person on April 9, FKEC CEO Scott Newberry recapped the utility’s work in 2021 and prior. The highlights include successes in obtaining FEMA Grants to help fund Hazard Mitigation Projects; Record Sales; Reliability Achievements; The Power of Prevention; and a virtual tour of the Marathon Facility Expansions.

Below, watch FKEC Board President Karl Wagner preside over the 81st Annual Meeting. Introductions include the Cooperative Board of Directors and Charitable Trust. Secretary Gretchen Holland and Treasurer Cale Smith also give reports.


2021 Annual Meeting:
Recapping Our Work in 2020

While FKEC had to cancel our 2021 in-person Annual Meeting & Membership Appreciation Day, CEO Scott Newberry, Board President Karl Wagner, and Board Treasurer Cale Smith shared these presentations recapping FKEC’s accomplished in 2020 despite the pandemic.

CEO Scott Newberry highlights Coping with COVID; The New Normal; Assisting our Members; Progress Despite the Pandemic; and Thanks FKEC Members and Employees.


Board President Karl Wagner shares a message of appreciation to members and highlights the co-op’s accomplishments in 2020.


Board Treasurer Cale Smith shares an overview of FKEC’s financial statements including recent FEMA reimbursement.


No Annual Meeting was held in 2020 do to onset of COVID-19
2019 Annual Meeting video unavailable

2018 Annual Meeting: Hurricane Irma Recap

CEO Scott Newberry recaping FKEC’s work before, during and after Hurricane Irma.

Tavernier Operations Center Video Tours

Construction Tour #1 – June 2008 – by CEO Scott Newberry

Construction Tour #2 – August 2008 – by CEO Scott Newberry

Final Building Tour – March 2009 – by CEO Scott Newberry

Historical Footage

8mm films circa 1960

Pole Installation – Marathon – 15th Street Area

Pole Installation – Ted and Mary’s Restaurant – now Wooden Spoon

Middle Keys After Hurricane Donna – from helicopter and ground