Standards for Electric Service

The Standards for Electric Service is presented to acquaint architects, developers, engineers, contractors, and members with requirements for receiving electric service.

These service standards are not intended to conflict, in any manner, with the National Electrical Code, the National Electrical Safety Code, or other State, County, or Cities’ electrical codes; but are intended to supplement these codes and to clarify certain service requirements which have been found, from experience, to be best for maintaining safe, reliable service to our members. It is not expected that this book of standards will cover, in detail, all the conditions that arise with the many combinations possible in the construction of electric service installations. The illustrations offered are typical and intended to show the most important points in construction. Where conditions arise that this book does not cover, a representative of FKEC may be contacted to aid the member.

FKEC representatives will be glad to assist you with your request for new services, changes in existing services, or addition of new loads to existing installations.

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(If you have any problem accessing the document please visit an FKEC office or
305-852-2431 to request a printed copy).