Understanding Your Net Meter Bill

This bill explanation pertains to FKEC interconnected members. Those Co-op consumers who generate their own alternative power while also being connected to FKEC’s grid receive a Net Meter electric bill.

  1. Bill Mailed is the date from which you have 20 days to pay your bill. Bills paid 20 days after the ‘Bill Mailed’ date are considered delinquent and subject to late fees and disconnection.
  2. Please make sure FKEC always has your current telephone number(s), including cell phones. Phone numbers are used by our automated outage reporting system to pinpoint the location of problems.
  3. Daily System Access Charge is a “service availability charge” to cover the costs involved in having power available to each active meter.
  4. Energy Charge of $0.033 per kilowatt hour helps FKEC cover the expenses involved in delivering energy to each account. The first 1,000 kWh of electricity usage each month is not subject to an energy charge.
  5. Power Cost is the cost of power purchased from FPL, our primary supplier of electricity. It is passed directly to members with no mark-up or add-on, and varies monthly.
  6. Equity Charge is a formula rate rider that is adjusted annually, either positive or negative, to help FKEC attain the optimum margins needed to properly maintain the system to provide safe reliable power.
  7. Energy Credit Green Power (related to number 4 above) per kilowatt hour for the excess energy generated back into the grid.
  8. Power Cost Credit Green Power (related to number 5 above) per kilowatt hour for the excess energy generated back into the grid.
  9.  Equity Credit Green Power Charge or Credit (related to number 6 above) per kilowatt hour for the excess energy generated back into the grid.
  10. Gross Receipt Tax is a 2.563% tax assessed to every bill from the state of Florida.
  11. Operation Round-Up® is a voluntary program that “rounds up” your electric bill up to the next whole dollar, and gives 100% of all funds raised to those in need.
  12. Total Due/Delinquent Date Members not enrolled in our automatic payment program will see a delinquent date printed under the total due.
  13. Bidirectional Meter Reading — reading one will display the energy consumed and reading two will display the excess energy generated back into the grid.

Please note: Your electric bill does not show all of your PV system’s energy produced in the past month. The energy you produce that is consumed by your home or business is not measured by the FKEC bi-directional meter. Only your renewable generation equipment can display the amount of electricity your system produced.