Report Power Outages

Call (305) 852-2431 or (800) 858-8845 or text “Outage” to 45183 from a registered number (see Outage Texting below).

If you are currently without power or see a hazardous condition involving power lines or equipment, call FKEC immediately. For emergency situations, call 911.

Decrease Outage Time by Following These Steps

If you experience a power outage, please check your fuse box or breaker panel before calling FKEC. Approximately 33% of power outages are breaker issues and should be solved by the homeowner. By checking your breaker panel first, you can minimize your outage time and avoid a possible “false outage call” service fee.

  1. Check your breaker panel or fuse box. A blown fuse or tripped breaker can be the cause of the outage.
  2. If your fuses and circuit breakers are fine and it is possible, see if your neighbors are also without power. This will help our linemen know if it is just your service or perhaps a main breaker.
  3. If you cannot restore your power by resetting the circuit breaker, call us at (305) 852-2431 or (800) 858-8845 or via text.
  4. FKEC restores power as quickly and as safely as possible.

Before an Outage Occurs

Before an outage occurs, verify FKEC has all of your current phone numbers, including cell phone numbers. Doing so allows FKEC’s phone system to automatically match your phone number to your electrical equipment and determine the cause of the outage faster and more accurately.

Update Your Account Contact Information

FKEC Offers Outage Texting

FKEC members who have a mobile phone equipped for sending/receiving text messages and have that phone number registered on their FKEC account can utilize Outage Texting.

Before an outage occurs, confirm your mobile number is registered with FKEC to participate in the Co-op’s Outage Texting program. You can do so by texting “REGISTER” to 45183 or call FKEC at (305) 852-2431, Mon. through Fri. between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. It may take up to 24 hours for the phone number to be updated/recognized.

Texting When an Outage Occurs

  • FKEC notifies you: When an outage occurs FKEC’s outage management system will automatically send a text to inform the affected members that FKEC is aware of the outage and restoration is in progress at the account location associated with the register mobile number. This prevents members from even having to report the outage.
  • You notify FKEC: FKEC members can also report an outage via text. If your power goes out, and you do not receive a text alert from FKEC, you can report the outage by texting “OUTAGE” to 45183. This text automatically tells FKEC that power is out at the account location associated with your registered phone number. Members will then receive a text confirming the report has been received.

In both cases, members will receive a follow up text when power is restored.

If you have difficulties with Outage Texting, call (305) 852-2431 or (800) 858-8845 to report an outage. A member can cancel text communication with FKEC by texting “STOP” to 45183.