A System Upgrade will Interrupt FKEC Office Phones Tonight

Posted: October 14, 2020 at 2:59 pm

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative is upgrading our phone system to better serve our members. To make the upgrade, phone lines for our main office number (305) 852-2431 may be out of service starting at 5:00PM on Wednesday, October 14.

Should you need to reach FKEC by phone after 5:00PM tonight, please call (305) 852-9129. This temporary phone number has limited capacity, so we appreciate your patience. Our phone lines should be restored by 8:00AM, Thursday, October 15.

If Your Power Goes Out Tonight

In the unlikely event you experience a power outage while our FKEC phone system is down on October 14 after 5:00PM please call (305) 852-9129 to report the problem. Again, we appreciate your patience as this is a temporary phone number with limited capacity.

If you are registered for our Outage Texting program and your power goes out you can still text “outage” to 45183 to automatically report the issue.

Secure Phone Payment and Online Service will Remain Open

This phone outage will not impact our automatic secure phone payment system. To pay your FKEC electric bill by phone, please call (855) 385-9912. All of our online services will also remain open. Manage your FKEC account or pay your bill online at www.FKEC.com

Thank You for Your Patience

We appreciate your patience during this unavoidable phone service interruption. Once complete, the FKEC phone system upgrade will offer members improved options when calling the cooperative and more efficient in-house communications.