Outdoor Lighting Service Copy

Employees in warehouseFor year-round outdoor lighting of yards, driveways, walkways, roads and other areas FKEC offers outdoor lighting options. Lights are electrically connected so that the power for operation of the light does not pass through the Member’s electric meter. Instead, the monthly charge is based on the calculated kilowatt hour (kWh) used per lamp depending on its size. Each light contains a photocell that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

In March 2014, the Cooperative began phasing out existing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting fixtures as they fail and are replacing them with dark sky compliant LED fixtures. The light output is comparable to the fixture we are replacing.  There are several benefits to using LED lights including:

  • Uses less energy and provides better light quality
  • A very long life, which improves reliability and reduces operating costs
  • Provides lighting on the ground with zero upward light pollution
  • Produces a more desirable white color

New Outdoor Lighting

At any time Members may request the installation of a new dark sky compliant LED outdoor lighting fixture. Outdoor lights are installed by FKEC personnel on existing FKEC distribution facilities only (no meter poles) and are available throughout our service area. However, the presence of a pole may not guarantee that it is capable of a light installation. FKEC’s engineering personnel will review the service request and survey the site to determine if a new fixture can be installed. Note, FKEC does not install lights on poles set by some other source and no longer sets poles for outdoor lights.

To obtain a new outdoor light, the Member must agree to pay for the service of the lighting fixture for a minimum of five (5) years.

For more information on obtaining a new outdoor lighting fixture, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (305) 852-2431 or (800) 858-8845.

Existing Outdoor Lighting

Current FKEC Members and new Members who would like to take over the billing responsibility of an existing outdoor lighting fixture (LED or High Pressure Sodium) please download the FKEC Outdoor Lighting Agreement (PDF). The following monthly service rates and billing deposit will apply (depending on the size of the existing fixture).

Monthly Service Rates:


Small – $13.00/month + 13 kWh (approx. 35 watt or 3,300 lumens)
Large – $15.00/month + 20 kWh (approx. 55 watt or 4,800 lumens)
Pole – $8.00/month

(FKEC only installs lights on existing FKEC poles)

Billing Deposit required:

Small – $26.00
Large – $30.00

High Pressure Sodium (existing Outdoor Lighting)

Small Sodium – $11.00/month + 42 kWH (approx. 100 watt or 9,500 lumens)
Large Sodium – $12.00/Month + 62 kWh (approx. 150 watt or 16,000 lumens)
Pole  ~ $8.00/month

(FKEC only installs lights on existing FKEC poles)

Billing Deposit required:

Small Sodium – $22.00
Large Sodium – $24.00


FKEC’s service includes lamp replacement, energy from approximately dusk each day until approximately dawn the following day, and repair and replacement of facilities. The Member is solely responsible for notifying the Cooperative of any required repair and replacement services to the facilities, and such services shall be provided during regular daytime working hours, Monday through Friday, as soon as practicable after verification.

FKEC, while exercising diligence at all times in furnishing service hereunder, does not guarantee continuous lighting and will not be liable for damages for any interruption, deficiency, or failure of service and reserves the right to interrupt service at any time for necessary repairs to lines or equipment, for system protection, or environmental impact.

The Cooperative will not install equipment at any location where services may be objectionable to others. If it is found after installation that the light is objectionable the Cooperative may terminate service. The Cooperative shall then refund the installation deposit, less any sums the due the Cooperative.