Procedures for Solar Contractors

When installing solar in Florida Keys Electric Cooperative service area, from Ocean Reef to the Seven Mile Bridge, start by reviewing FKEC’s Standards of Service for Net Metering and Battery Storage system guidelines to help you achieve a system that best suits your needs.

Next, complete the following 4 steps.

Step 1

Complete: Phase 1 of the Net Metering Application

This form includes downloading and submitting the appropriate Net Metering Tier Agreement:

And submitting the PV plans, which must include:

  • Address of the site at which the system will be installed.
  • Documentation of the equipment and design meeting FKEC standards of service, tier agreement, and location of meter and disconnect (if applicable).

Step 2

After an FKEC engineer has reviewed and approved your documents, the plans will be emailed to the initiator with an FKEC stamp approved for PV construction. The FKEC engineer will advise of any items requiring correction or addition. Plans will not be approved until these items are rectified.

Take the stamped plans to the appropriate municipality or to Monroe County to be reviewed for permitting and obtain a permit.

Step 3

Install the system. (The system will be installed by a vendor selected by the FKEC member. Installation is the sole responsibility of the member.)

Have the system inspected. A copy of the inspection report is required to be submitted in Step 4.

Step 4

Complete: Phase 2 of the Net Meter Application 

This form includes:

  • Submitting contractor information
  • The FKEC member’s signature
  • Once FKEC receives the inspection report from the appropriate government agency, FKEC will perform an inspection, install sticker, and enable bi-directional meter

Note: Failure to follow any of the procedures will delay interconnection and potentially cause FKEC to be unable to approve setting a bi-directional meter until you are in full compliance with the procedures outlined below. For questions, you can call FKEC at 305-852-2431 and ask for the Engineering Department.