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Harnessing the Power of Sunshine, FKEC First to Install Grid-Connected Solar Arrays

Marathon Solar Array
Marathon Solar Array: 96.6 kilowatt max. capacity

If you’ve noticed your lights have a slight green glow it’s because FKEC’s two solar arrays, the first grid-connected arrays to be installed in the Florida Keys, have been capturing the sun’s energy to help power homes and businesses served by the Cooperative since the first array was installed in 2008. And as of June 2016, the array has contributed over 1 million kilowatt hours of solar generated power to our system.

In 2008, FKEC applied for and received $1 million worth of funding from the Internal Revenue Service’s Clean Renewable Energy Bond program, administered by the CFC. FKEC used the bond to install approximately 120 total kilowatts of solar power generation. The Marathon array, located next to the Marathon office building, was the first phase with a maximum capacity of 96.6 kilowatts. A smaller array, installed inside FKEC’s Crawl Key Substation, was the second phase with a maximum capacity of 21 kilowatts.

The first panels in the Marathon array were connected to FKEC’s power grid in November 2008 and the entire array went online December 16. The Marathon array consists of 552 separate 175-watt solar modules tied directly into FKEC’s electric grid, and the Crawl Key array adds an additional 120 panels.

“FKEC is committed to finding alternative energy solutions and we are proud to be adding clean, green power to our system,” said CEO Scott Newberry.

Performance vs. Promise

The expected output of both arrays prior to installation was an estimated 127,000 kilowatt hours per year, or the energy to power about 14 average homes. The Marathon array alone exceeded this promise in less than a year without even adding in the output of Crawl Key.

Perspective on Total Contribution

Even with both arrays performing above expectations, their combined total contribution to FKEC’s energy mix is still less than 1 percent of the roughly 650 million kilowatt hours the Co-op sells annually. This is equivalent to the power consumed by approximately 14 average homes.

Solar Power & You

If you are considering installing solar panels on your home, FKEC offers interconnectivity with its system.