Operation Round-Up Copy

Your spare change may not buy much — unless you share it through the FKEC Members Charitable Trust and Operation Round-Up®. By “rounding up” your electric bill payment to the next dollar each month, Florida Keys Electric Cooperative’s 31,000 account holders can make a big difference with a small change in the Florida Keys.

If a member’s monthly bill totals $135.49, we will round it up to $136.00. The extra 51 cents will go directly to the FKEC Members Charitable Trust. The round-up for each meter enrolled in the program will average 50 cents a month — about the cost of a vending machine snack or a cheap cup of coffee.

Each month, your bill will show an amount listed for Operation Round-Up®, and your bill will include the extra few cents to total an even dollar amount. Each January your bill will include a summary of your contributions from the past year for your tax records.

These contributions will be used to help your neighbors right here in the Middle and Upper Keys communities. The funds will be given to local individuals or families with special needs or requests. Each application for funds will be carefully reviewed and verified by the volunteer Board of Directors of the FKEC Members Charitable Trust before an award is made. The requests may be made to “fill in the cracks” for funds and needs not met by traditional agencies or to help meet a special, private request of an individual or family. The requests may also come from grass-roots neighborhood groups trying to meet the needs of various segments of the Keys’ community, but none of the funds will be used for political purposes.

We hope every member of the Florida Keys Electric Cooperative will participate in Operation Round-Up®; when more members contribute, more help can be given through the FKEC Members Charitable Trust. When you order new electric service you are automatically a part of the Charitable Trust unless you let us know otherwise.

Applicants are automatically enrolled in FKEC’s Operation Round-Up Program. To discontinue your participation you must complete the Cancel Participation in Operation Round-Up® (PDF) form and return to our office or call (305) 852-2431 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Go to our Financial page for more information about our charitable trust.