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To provide you with the best possible customer service it is important FKEC has your correct phone number(s) and mailing address.

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Active FKEC Account Holder

Please complete the form with your current phone number(s) and billing address.

Remember, when reporting a power outage FKEC matches the phone number you call from with your service address; therefore, you should provide the phone number(s), including cell phones, you are most likely to call from to report an outage.

You may also use this form to update your billing address. This is the address where you will receive your monthly electric bill, capital credit refund checks and all other cooperative mailings.

Former FKEC Account Holder

All former FKEC members have capital credits, which have been or will be allocated to them. When a member discontinues service, they remain eligible for a future refund. A big challenge and essential part of this process is maintaining your current address. It is crucial that you notify us of any address changes. Your cooperation in keeping us informed of your most recent address, whether you are a present or past member, will ensure that you receive the credits you have earned.


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