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Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association

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May 12, 2014

If Your Power Goes Out, Check Your Breakers First!

If you experience a power outage, please check your fuse box or breaker panel before calling FKEC. Approximately 33% of power outages are breaker issues and should be solved by the homeowner. By checking your breaker panel first, you can minimize your outage time and avoid a possible “false outage call” service fee.

If FKEC personnel respond to a trouble call after hours, and it is determined that the outage is caused by a blown breaker or fuse, a fee of $150 will be charged to the member. Members who call to report an outage are made aware of these charges before repair crews are dispatched, but by checking your breaker panel and fuses first you can potentially solve your own problem and have your lights back on in the time it takes FKEC to answer the phone.

FKEC’s working hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Calls outside of that timeframe are considered after hours.

Members, electricians and contractors should also be aware that a fee applies to after-hour calls requesting that power be disconnected or reconnected.       

Remember, an operator is on staff 24/7 to address any immediate concerns, and repairs crews are on call around the clock 365 days a year to respond to an outage when needed. FKEC works year-round to both prevent outages from happening and to minimize restoration time.

You can help us restore power and decrease outage time by following these steps when an outage occurs:

1. Check your breaker panel or fuse box. A blown fuse or tripped breaker can be the cause of the outage.
2. If your fuses and circuit breakers are fine and it is possible, see if your neighbors are also without power. This will help our linemen know if it is just your service or perhaps a main breaker.
3. If you cannot restore your power by resetting the circuit breaker, call us at 305-852-2431 or 1-800-858-8845.
4. FKEC restores power as quickly and as safely as possible.

Always remember, if an outage or downed power line is causing a life-threatening situation, please call 9-1-1!


Make Sure FKEC Has Your Current Phone Numbers

Before an outage occurs, verify FKEC has all of your current phone numbers, including cell phone numbers.

Doing so allows FKEC’s phone system to automatically match your phone number to your electrical equipment and determine the cause of the outage faster and more accurately.

Click here to update your contact information.


Make Sure FKEC Can Access Your Meter Equipment

To make repairs and maintain equipment FKEC must have 24 hour access to your meter. Please make sure the area around your meter is free from obstacles, debris and pets.

Remember, FKEC is responsible for the maintenance of the meter, but it is the member who is responsible for maintenance of the service from the meter socket, through the weatherhead, including all associated vegetation management.


Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association