FKEC Uses Drones for Enhanced Pole Inspection in Marathon

Posted: June 22, 2022 at 5:25 pm

Over the next month, Florida Keys Electric Cooperative is conducting an enhanced inspection of all distribution poles in the Middle Keys from mile marker 60 to the Seven Mile Bridge. During the project, Clearsight, a company specializing in utility pole inspection, will have crews on the ground and drones in the air to visually survey electrical equipment. All inspectors will be in marked vehicles and carry proper FKEC credentials.

The contract crews will take photos of the structures via the drones to look for broken or defective equipment or potential problems that could impact reliability. Any pole replacements or equipment repairs deemed necessary will follow.

The inspection is part of FKEC’s commitment to ensuring 99.99% reliable power service through preventative maintenance. We appreciate our members cooperation during the project. FKEC members with questions can call member service at 305-852-2431.