Post-Eta Update

Posted: November 9, 2020 at 9:28 am

Florida Keys Electric Co-op’s power system —providing power service from the Monroe County line to the Seven Mile Bridge— held up well overnight as Eta impacted the Florida Keys. Approximately 20 outages affected about 1,000 FKEC meters. As of 9:00 a.m. this morning (Nov. 9), six outages are affecting 204 meters, primarily in the Upper Keys.

“Our service crews were out most of the night restoring outages, and are continuing that work this morning,” FKEC CEO Scott Newberry reported. “Many, many thanks to those crews for being out in rough weather taking care of our members as Eta passed through our territory.”

For your safety and the safety of our crews please do not approach linemen while they make repairs. And remember to stay clear of all downed power lines or electrical equipment. If you see a downed power line that is presenting a clear and imminent danger to you or others call 911. Then report the wire down to FKEC by calling (305) 852-2431.

FP&L Main Transmission Repair

One item of concern, the Florida City to Tavernier transmission line relayed out last night at about 10:30 p.m. and remains out at the time of this release. There is a bad insulator on Florida Power and Light’s side of the transmission system near the Aerojet Canal. FPL is working to repair the problem; Meanwhile, we are relying on the other main transmission line to delivery power from the mainland to the Florida Keys. A fault between Florida City and Tavernier on the remaining transmission circuit would likely result in an outage affecting the entire Keys.

FPL has informed FKEC that the extra-high-voltage repair will require special heavy equipment and possibly result in a lane closure on the Dade-County side of the stretch. Florida Power and Light is working to mobilize the equipment as quickly as possible, but this will take time.

For more visit our Outage Center and Storm Center.