FKEC Transmission Repairs to be done by Helicopter

Posted: August 10, 2020 at 10:17 am

Each year, FKEC conducts a helicopter inspection of our entire transmission system. This year, 130 transmission poles tops were identified as needing maintenance. To complete the work efficiently and affordably, FKEC hired Rotor Blade to make the repairs via helicopter starting August 10.  

The work will be done Monday-Friday primarily to poles along U.S. 1. FKEC anticipates the work to take two to three months, depending on weather conditions. The daily location, between Marathon and Ocean Reef, will be determined by wind and traffic conditions.

Business owners and residents near U.S. 1 are asked to secure any loose items near or below the main transmission lines. Also, please drive safely while this maintenance is in progress — please, keep your focus on the road and not the helicopter flying overhead.