August 30, 2019 Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Posted: August 28, 2019 at 7:00 am

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative is closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian. With an uncertain storm track, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

As of the end of today (Friday, Aug. 30), we will have completed our pre-storm preparation checklists. This includes stocking our Tavernier and Marathon facilities with all the resources necessary to operate in standalone mode for at least 72 hours, securing all critical materials and equipment in our storm-hardened warehouses, and lining up outside assistance and resources should they be needed.

What our FKEC members should know:

  • The most efficient way to report a power outage is by using our automated phone system at (305) 852-2431. Doing so automatically matches your phone number to your electrical equipment to determine the cause of the outage faster and more accurately. If you are registered for Outage Texting, you can also report your outage that way.
  • If no evacuation order is issued, FKEC crews will continue responding to power outages as long as conditions allow.
  • In the event Dorian impacts our area, restoration is organized to restore power to the greatest number of members in the least amount of time, prioritizing life, safety, and essential community services. Following that, crews work to restore power to individuals with isolated issues. For up-to-date storm news visit our site.
  • Stay clear of all downed power lines or electrical equipment.
  • If you or someone in your home is dependent on electric-powered, life sustaining medical equipment, it is your responsibility to have an emergency plan for backup power or a plan to relocate when a storm warning is issued. FKEC CANNOT ensure power restoration based on medical emergency needs.
  • FKEC will do our best to post updates on our site, and Facebook and Twitter.

At this time, FKEC offices will be open for regular business on Tuesday, Sept. 3. Our offices will be closed Monday, Sept. 2 in observance of Labor Day. As always, an emergency operator is available 24/7, and our online services are open. As Hurricane Dorain’s path becomes more certain we will adjust this plan accordingly.