FKEC Expands Rebate Program

Posted: January 10, 2019 at 7:00 am

Over the last five years, there has been such a positive response to our annual residential rebate program that we have increased funding with the goal to offer the program throughout 2019.

In the past, FKEC’s Board of Directors allotted $75,000 annually to fund a residential rebate program. When those funds were depleted the program ended for that year. This year your board has increased funds to give more members the opportunity to earn a rebate.

In addition to increasing overall funding for the program, we have also increased certain rebates to better match the cost of that improvement. We hope this helps members better afford to make strides in home energy efficiency.

Please remember, to be eligible for a rebate the qualified improvements must be made in 2019 and meet the program’s criteria. Read all about the Residential Rebate Program here.

Rebates Available for:

  • Central A/C Rebate (30% up to $500.00 – SEER 16 or more)
  • Ductless Mini Split A/C Rebate (30% up to $400.00 – SEER 18 or more)
  • Room A/C Rebate (30% up to $100.00 – EER 10.5 or more)
  • Solar Water Heating (not for pool/spa heating – 30% up to $500.00)
  • Insulation Rebate (30% up to $300.00)
  • Window Film or Solar Screen Rebate (100% up to $200.00)
  • Caulk/Weather-stripping Rebate (100% up to $100.00)
  • Cool/Reflective Roof Coating Rebate ($25.00 per 5-gallon bucket)

Five Steps to Rebate Rewards:

  • Call FKEC at (305) 852-2431 to check rebate availability. Rebates may be limited, and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Install any of FKEC’s rebate options
  • Submit request form(s) within sixty days of purchase/installation.
  • Be sure to include your contractor’s paid receipt or your item receipt(s).
  • FKEC conducts on-site verification or receipt verification with your contractor.
  • RECEIVE YOUR REBATE as a credit on your next electric bill(s). Rebates will be awarded as bill credits only.

It is always our goal to provide services and programs that meet our members’ needs and interests. As we’ve watched participation in the residential rebate program steadily increase, we knew we needed to expand the program. By allocating more money to fund rebates, this year members won’t have to rush to make energy improvements before funds run out.

Even if you’re not making an energy improvement that qualifies for a rebate, you can still save on your electric bill by following these low cost and no-cost ways to use energy wisely:

  • Turn off lights when not in a room
  • Use fans to augment cooling
  • Turn off fans when not in a room
  • Set air conditioners at 78-degrees or higher for cooling
  • Use curtains or blinds to reduce heat transfer
  • Turn off your water heater when gone for three or more days
  • Use stove exhaust fan (if vented to the outside) to remove kitchen heat
  • Avoid “energy vampires” by unplugging electronic devices when not in use
  • Only run washing machines, dryers and dishwashers with full loads
  • Line dry clothing, sheets, and towels

Please join us in our commitment to conserving our natural resources and take strides to use energy wisely. For more information, free copies of our energy guide (PDF) are available online or at an FKEC office.