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November 01, 2016

ALERT: Scammers Continue to Target FKEC Consumers

FKEC continues to receive reports of a telephone scam targeting both residential and commercial Cooperative consumers.

In most cases the scammer instructs the potential target to purchase a pre-paid Green Dot or Reloadit cash card and to call back with the card numbers or power will be disconnected. The most recent scam is requesting “Reloadit” cards. These cards can be purchased at several retail locations in our service area. FKEC is working with those stores in an attempt to further prevent this scam.

The most recent trend includes scammers claiming a technician is on the way to the target's location and will disconnect power unless payment is provided immediately. Beware, the scammer may provide the consumer's address and other specific information to seem more legitimate, but it is still a scam.
In addition, the scammers are offering bogus discounts and refunds.

If you receive a suspicious call threatening to disconnect your power, hang up and dial 305-852-2431 immediately to ensure that you are speaking to a bona fide FKEC employee.

  • FKEC does not accept any kind of prepaid card, including Green Dot and Reloadit cards, as payment for your bill. Don’t fall for anyone demanding a prepaid debit card.
  • FKEC will always notify consumers of overdue electric bills prior to calling to disconnect service.
  • Always call FKEC's secure phone payment system when paying your electric bill by phone! 1-855-385-9912.


  • Commercial consumers should make all staff aware of potential utility scams.
  • Never provide personal, confidential, or financial information to unknown individuals.
  • Know your account status and balance. You can check it at www.FKEC.com.
  • If you have any doubt if a call, email, or visit from someone claiming to represent FKEC is legitimate, please call Member Service at 305-852-2431. An operator is available 24/7.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police.
  • Please protect our community by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors.

FKEC is working with Co-op members and law enforcement to prevent these scams, but the best defense against these con artists is to be alert and informed.




Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association
Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association